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Following a period of several months of absence from the Karate club, during which a lot of concern has been expressed about his giving up and "quitting" karate. Kumar has returned. During the club Juniors walk on Sunday morning in 100 Acres wood near Wickham, Kumar was found by Sensei Roy, emerging from a hollow tree trunk in which he had been hibernating. Kumar said he was hoping to start his training again and may go to Wimborne school on Monday 27th February. Kumar did say that he had not "quit" he was having a break.

Kumar checking on the weather and if it really was his karate club friends that he heard coming up the path.



Sensei Roy helping Kumar out of the tree trunk.



Kumar and friends.



Kumar was very weak after the winter hibernation, so needed to be carried. Luckily one of the Dad's was passing with only his Daughter on shoulders and Daughter volunteered to give him a lift.



Kumar at the end of the walk.




Practicing commando techniques.



Kumar at Wimborne school on Monday 27th February.


Kumar had heard of the Club annual trip to Wales and decided to come along and see what goes on.

I had been told to take plastic plates and a knife, fork and spoon but for the first evening we would be at a restaurant.

Evening meal at the Harvester and choosing what to have.


Although the service was very quick, I still had time for a game.


We were due to be up early in the morning to go hill walking and so I thought an early night was advisable.





I may have short legs but I reckon I could keep up.



Cooking their breakfasts will show them that I am a team player.


I found that us bears were very welcome at the Travel Lodge.


Emperor Kumar waiting for the gladiators


After a great week in Wales I came home very tired but full of memories of the activities we had done.

Kumar heard about the Fund raising course at the Portchester Dojo and although it was restricted to 14 year olds and older he persuaded one of the others going on the course to sneek him in. Kumar was hoping that once there, his obvious good attitude would get the Sensei's to look the other way and not say anything.

Although Kumar enjoyed the course he did say that some of the work was quite hard for little people to do properly. Now he understood why sometimes it was necessary to have age and grade restrictions.

Kumar being helped to reach the "voluntry donation" Jar.  Editors note: There is no truth in the rumour that  Sensei Merv told Kumar that he had to dig deep into his pockets or he would be held over the jar, upside down, until all the money fell out!


Kumar buying a raffle ticket for the Tsunami "T" shirt


Every one was bigger than Kumar but as he has learnt from his karate training, timing and technique was often more important, particularly when you are smaller.


Kumar getting in on the action of restraint.


Dave (juniors instructor) telling Lowri off for tapping him on shoulder. It was Kumar, but he has stepped back and has got Lowri into trouble. Ah well, thats the fun of being a junior!


Kumar thought it was a very good way to help raise money for the needy people, who had sufferd in Japan. Particularly since it was the country that gave us such a fantastic sport (but not really a sport) that gave so many of us "the way" to better ourselves in charachter, self discipline, respect and fitness, etc.

Kumar, being rather young, went on the Easter course with the intention of having some fun and doing a Little karate training - but not to much. He was allocated a seat in Sensei Merv's car and quickly struck up a friendship with Elliott and Callum.

Safely belted up.


Unfortunately Kumar would not stop joking and singing. The final straw was when he kept pestering to play "I spy". With that he was transferred to Gaels car, also known as "the party car" which had constant loud music and lots of adventures getting lost in Holland.

Kumar at the wheel.


When driving through Belgium, Kumar made the convoy stop for a "comfort break". Which turned out to be an excuse for a drink and some games.

Michael found it funny seeing kumar needing some help to drink.


Kumar found this quite difficult.


Kumar went for some cycle rides but there were so many bikes that he had a problem finding his one.

Not sure if this is the right one.


In the end Kumar lost his bike and so Chris volunteered to give him a lift.

Ready for the off.


Some of the course members stayed at a hotel but others stayed in Tents in the back garden.

The fence came in very handy for drying the Karate suits.


Kumar was lucky because he had first class accommodation in the Garden shed.

Its nice to wake up with a hot mug of tea ready by the bed.


Kumar had some great fun in the park.

It was a bit fast but Kumar really liked the slide.    


The only problem was that after a few go's on the slide and swings, Kumar was feeling rather dizzy.



Kumar found a shaded area under a great tree to rest and get his balance back, but unfortunately the local inhabitants didn't like this and told him to "clear off"

The problem was that they had had a bad experience with a bear earlier in the year.


On the Karate course Kumar was please to see that Sensei Maarten's son "Luuk" was going to join in with the training.



Before starting the lesson Sensei explained how important it was in Karate to have a sense of humility and demonstrated how to clean the floor. Michael was next and then I had a go.

  Kumar didn't want a picture of himself sweeping the floor. He thought it would be bad for his street credit.(Editors note: Kumar still has a lot to learn)


It got very hot during the training and after wards Kumar couldn't wait to get a drink from the shop and so asked at a restaurant if he could have a drink from the flower glass.

Kumar couldn't wait any longer for the drinks.


On one of the days kumar and his friends went to train with another Sensei at a Dutch city called "Den Bosch". It was so hot and the training was for much longer than usual that Michael, Kumar and Callum all fell asleep in the car.

No! we are not tired.


It was a great course and Kumar really enjoyed the visits to different places. In particular going to a restaurant by a huge river at "Schoonhoven" for a great end of course meal.

Kumar of course had lemonade in his glass.


The real highlight of the course was that it was Elliott's 18th Birthday and kumar was allowed to stay up to enjoy it with the older students.


Elliott thought at first that it was all for him



Kumar with his course friends next to Elliott, seated.


This was Kumars first International course and he is looking foreward to going on his next.

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Saint Swithuns and Wimborne "after school" Karate clubs held a combined club competition on Thursday 10th March 2011. It was virtually a 100% attendance by all members from both clubs. with plenty of parental support to cheer the contestants on.

During the previous weeks both clubs had spent some time developing their understanding of competition procedure and all understood that although there can only be one winner (and its great to win) the most important thing is to try their best and enjoy the event.

Tassia and Amir - two of the winners at the combined St Swithuns and Wimborne club competition.


The competition started with a warm up and some basic's.

Sensei Lowri and Simon from Portchester took the warm up


The competitors were split into two groups so that the competition was as fair for all as possible. Also the senior children took turns in helping with the judging.

Kiona (right) helping with the younger children


Jordan (left) and Denzel (right) helping Sensei Lowri.


This was the Kumars (junior section mascot) first competition and although Kumar did not win a trophy he really enjoyed having a go.

Kumar waiting for his turn to compete.


So that the children gain more experience the competition was run on the basis of competitors having three or four matches against different people and then the four with the most wins competing against each other in the finals.

Competitors and parents with volunteers from the Portchester senior section, who helped with the organising.


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