Since the start of the club in 1982 many strong friendships have been developed between a huge variety of members. There is no doubt that the collective good work, put in at the dojo and the realisation that every one struggles with some part or other of Karate is a natural starting point for friendships to begin.

The object of this section of the website is to illustrate some of the "other interests" that groups of members have become involved with. Much of what follows will be light hearted in content but serves to show that the club members are a well balanced - (or not), cross section of the community.

GARDENING. In the club there are a number of keen gardeners who give mutual support to each other and yet at the same time, have over the years developed a healthy sense of competition. Sensei Roy is credited with being the expert or "more knowledgeable" leader of this group.

To read Roy's introduction press read more (last updated on 10-2-11).

To read Dave's article on his first years efforts and rewards press read more

Chris Uren 2nd Dan, of the Plymouth Karate club has sent us a picture of a fine Parsnip grown in his own back garden. Clearly there is a common bond in the clubs towards growing your own and getting back to "the good life".

Could this be a record?


The Portchester club members will no doubt be taking up the gauntlet and seeing what they can do to match or better Chris's fine effort.

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