Thursday morning class. (Dads Army), 19th Dec.
After training Christmas mince pies and coffee.
Following the tradition of officers serving the ranks, Senseis Merv (Captain) and Pat (Sergeant) served the mince pies and cakes.
Nick (Spiv), Simon (Cpl Jones) and Glynis from the Naafi, kindly provided the cakes.
Nathan (Pike) supervised the drink preparation.
With it being Christmas a little light banter with the troops was thought appropriate for the occasion.
Unfortunatly Steve, (Frazer) got carried away and after taking a few verbal liberties with his betters, had to be escorted off the premises by Rudi (Godfrey) and Tim (Warden)
This resulted in the early break up of the celebration with mutterings of boycotting next Thursdays parade (Boxing Day) and not returning until the 2nd January.

Several of the Platoon, due to illness and work, were excused parade.

Sincerest best wishes to all.

Class line up.















 Happy troops.



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