Kumar supporting the Tsunami fund raising appeal course

Kumar heard about the Fund raising course at the Portchester Dojo and although it was restricted to 14 year olds and older he persuaded one of the others going on the course to sneek him in. Kumar was hoping that once there, his obvious good attitude would get the Sensei's to look the other way and not say anything.

Although Kumar enjoyed the course he did say that some of the work was quite hard for little people to do properly. Now he understood why sometimes it was necessary to have age and grade restrictions.

Kumar being helped to reach the "voluntry donation" Jar.  Editors note: There is no truth in the rumour that  Sensei Merv told Kumar that he had to dig deep into his pockets or he would be held over the jar, upside down, until all the money fell out!


Kumar buying a raffle ticket for the Tsunami "T" shirt


Every one was bigger than Kumar but as he has learnt from his karate training, timing and technique was often more important, particularly when you are smaller.


Kumar getting in on the action of restraint.


Dave (juniors instructor) telling Lowri off for tapping him on shoulder. It was Kumar, but he has stepped back and has got Lowri into trouble. Ah well, thats the fun of being a junior!


Kumar thought it was a very good way to help raise money for the needy people, who had sufferd in Japan. Particularly since it was the country that gave us such a fantastic sport (but not really a sport) that gave so many of us "the way" to better ourselves in charachter, self discipline, respect and fitness, etc.

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Wednesday 1st April.

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Younger Children
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Younger Children
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Saturday (General class, but not suitable for younger children)
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