Kumar's first competition

Saint Swithuns and Wimborne "after school" Karate clubs held a combined club competition on Thursday 10th March 2011. It was virtually a 100% attendance by all members from both clubs. with plenty of parental support to cheer the contestants on.

During the previous weeks both clubs had spent some time developing their understanding of competition procedure and all understood that although there can only be one winner (and its great to win) the most important thing is to try their best and enjoy the event.

Tassia and Amir - two of the winners at the combined St Swithuns and Wimborne club competition.


The competition started with a warm up and some basic's.

Sensei Lowri and Simon from Portchester took the warm up


The competitors were split into two groups so that the competition was as fair for all as possible. Also the senior children took turns in helping with the judging.

Kiona (right) helping with the younger children


Jordan (left) and Denzel (right) helping Sensei Lowri.


This was the Kumars (junior section mascot) first competition and although Kumar did not win a trophy he really enjoyed having a go.

Kumar waiting for his turn to compete.


So that the children gain more experience the competition was run on the basis of competitors having three or four matches against different people and then the four with the most wins competing against each other in the finals.

Competitors and parents with volunteers from the Portchester senior section, who helped with the organising.


On-Line Club Lessons

Changes implemented

Wednesday 1st April.

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Planned weekly lessons for the duration.
Commencing Monday 30th March.

Any club members that do not know how to gain access please contact me by tele or email.

It is hoped that each lesson will be recorded and put on the club's Youtube channell. 

Please check back to this page frequently for any changes to the lesson programme and also other information.

Younger Children
Sign in from 6.25 for 6.35 start. End 7.05.
Adults and older children
Sign in from 7.25 for 7.35 start. End 8.35.

Younger Children
Sign in from 6.25 for 6.35 start. End 7.05.
Adults and older children
(10th to 4th Kyu inc)

sign in from 7.15 for 7.25 start. End 8.00.
Adults (3rd Kyu and above)
sign in from 8.10 for 8 15 start. End 9.15.

Thursday morning: "Dads Army"
Guests welcome.
Sign in from 10.00 for a 10.10 start. End 11.10.

Children (white, orange and red belts).
sign in from 6.00 for 6.10 start. End 6.40
Children and adults (7th to 4th Kyu).
sign in from 7.00 for 7.10 start. End 7.40.
Adults and older children
(Lesson intended for 3rd Kyu and above)

sign in 8.00 for 8.10 start. End 9.10.

Saturday (General class, but not suitable for younger children)
sign in 10.00 for 10.10 start. End 11.10




Instructional videos for the forced temporary closure

All Portchester and ESKC-Fair Oak, Karate Club Members.

I have tried to contact all members regarding the setting up of on line instructional videos on "youtube". If you have not received an email telling you how to access the first "test" video, then please contact me by email: mvodonnell@portchesterkarate.co.uk.
To provide continuity and easy understanding the club instructors have made these videos.

Temporary Club Closure

The Portchester Karate Club is temporarily closed. At the moment this is for a four week period. This may be extended.

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