Kumars visit to Prague

25th to the 30th November 2010

Kumar visited Prague for a weekend break and apart from a great weekend visiting the points of interest, had an exciting end to the visit, when the heavy snow caused Prague airport to be closed.

The following is Kumars own description of his weekend. 

The Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square


Car hire is so easy.


National Museum.


A waitress in traditional dress helped me with the menu

I decided to have a traditional "roast pig" knee joint with red cabbage. It was very tasty.


The clock tower and Christmas tree in the snow.


This made me realise how lucky I was being rescued by Gael

All too soon my visit was over and I went by Taxi to the airport in the heavy snow.


Wow! a picture book castle.


Now where is my flight?


This looks bad.


This man was very persuasive but I decided to stick to the shops for buying things.

With all the snow the plane was delayed for some time and then cancelled because the runway was closed. We were all worried about what to do and where we would stay for the night before getting a different plane on the next day. I remembered that I had a relative working in the Czech police and can you believe my luck he was on duty.


Me with my uncle Jo, the police commisioner. I persuaded him to also help the other stranded passengers. He, with Easyjet, arranged a special coach to an ultra posh hotel called the "Don Giovanni". It was amazing.


This is me with a statue of Mozart in the entrance hall of the hotel.

Although it was late at night all the other passengers asked me to entertain them with some music.


Here I am running a tune along the key board.

After a great time at the hotel we returned to the airport the next day. Apparently the weather was to bad for the regular planes and so a special plane had been booked and would be piloted by non other than "Biggles" The world famous pilot.


Here comes the plane  to take us to London Gatwick.


Just about to touch down.

All the passengers got on the plane and we put our safety belts on.


I tried sitting here but the flight stewardess was not amused So I thought I best do it properly

 The Pilot, (Captain Biggles) was having some problems with the latest flight equipment and so asked me to go up to the cockpit to help him.


Okay Captain I am on my way.


The Co pilot sits on the right and here he is telling the passengers that I will be helping with the flight, so it should be trouble free.


Here the pilot is asking me a question about this new piece of equipment.

It was a fantastic holiday in Prague and I would like to thank all the kind Czech people for their friendliness. In particular Uncle Jo for finding us a hotel and Captain Biggles for flying the plane in all that bad snow.

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