Sensei Roy's introduction

At Portchester Karate Club we recognise that Man cannot live by Martial Arts alone. We must also grow vegetables.

We understand that along with the need to grow and nurture our inner selves there must also be a patch of ground dedicated to our growth and nurture of Roots, Legumes, and Brassicas.

Fruits and Herbs are good too, but no one talks about flowers, at least not openly.

In our midst we have Seasoned Growers, Accomplished Beginners, Unaccomplished Beginners, and others yet to germinate.

So whichever category you currently find yourself in The Growing section of the Club will welcome you.

Our Mission is to promote Growing by Club members on plots large or small, in garden borders or patios. On windowsills, in pots, in grow bags, dustbins or old car tyres.

We exchange seeds, plants and produce and endless banter. Mature and topsoil have been shared and tips and advice are freely given.

So, if you would like to have a go at growing your own stuff – now is the time to start. Please feel free to talk to Sensei, Dave, Scott, or Me about how to start.

If you have tried in the past and given up – try again.

If you are an expert, please talk to us, we all need help!

Roy Standen.

Karate Day time lessons

Daytime Karate lessons are now being held on Thursday mornings at the Castle St, Portchester,  Day Centre. For further information please ring 07713284430 or email

These classes are for a range of people with varying abilities and in particular for the older and fairly active person that would like to benefit from the health aspects of practicing Karate and at the same time exercising their minds in the learning of new skills.

Existing students of Karate are also catered for in the lessons. In particular those on shift work and others that cannot get to their regular training lessons.

Further information

For the Portchester Karate Club and clubs in other areas or different training times, please email or telephone 07713284430.

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