Sensei Dave's gardening endevours

Dave, one of the regular junior Instructors, has kindly written this article as a starter for the "other activities" enjoyed by the club members.

Dave describes himself as a "non-green fingered" member of the Portchester Karate Club and the following shows what can be achieved with a very small area of land, a few old car tyres, plastic dustbins and some pots on the patio.

The horticultural side of the club was something new for me and has been quite a challenge and experience not just from the growing side but from the constant harassment from Sensei Roy ‘grand green fingers Standen’ & Sensei’s Merv’s regular audit and appraisal (coffee & cake mornings) to assess my efforts! Editors note: When Sensei Merv was asked about this he vigourously denied that it was the coffee and cake that drew him to the inspections.

These are my onions - my first attempt   Look at how they have grown!

My first year as apprentice green fingers has been very successful much to Roy’s surprise (and upset as his growing year has been abysmal). I already have a nice crop of leaks grown from some baby plants donated from Sensei’s extensive farm holding in Holland.  Incidentally Sensei has the biggest leak growing in his ‘Portchester Plot’ that I have ever seen.


Strawberries and Beetroot   Runner beans



Carrots and Parsnips   Raspberries and Tayberries


Potatoes in old tyres - it works.


A small selection of my produce.

One morning I woke up to quite a racket coming from the back garden and to my surprise there were four large green headed pigeons in the garden, I am sure they had been eating the new shoots off my plants, I have since been advised by Sensei that in Holland they are called ducks.



Gardeners Tip of the day

As a means of keeping the green headed pigeons away from young plants I have obtained a new pet which can be used most effectively when she is really hungry!


All the best for your 2011 growing season


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