Family games and Pic Nic in Portchester Castle on Sunday 10th July 2011

Portchester Karate club is very fortunate to have available the Historic Portchester Castle grounds for various events. Today's club activity was to be a family games afternoon and pic-nic. The weather was perfect with a cooling breeze and the South wall acting as a sun shade for those there to just "chill out".

The main entrance and Keep from inside the Castle.


First of the arrivals and then a steady stream


With an overall turn out of 38 members and family, there were plenty of takers for cricket, rounders football, badminton, skittles etc.

Refreshments before the action.


The first of the main two events was rounders and with team captains Roy and Dave it was bound to be a hotly contested match.


George ready to go, with Jack in the background


George is off for the first rounder of the match.


Sensei Roy missed the ball. Sensei Merv then did the same.


Nadine strikes the ball left. Ollie sends the ball to the far side.


Hameem shows the lads how to do it.  Shahryar strikes to save the day for Roy's team


Andy got confused and about to throw the ball to the wrong post. Tanvir going for a rounder but son Yusuf moves the post. 


Connor on standby to catch the ball  


Yusuf thinking "One day I may have a go" Yes! my turn.


Jack gets a strike. Francesca and Tanvir waiting.



Roy celebrating Victory!


After a short refreshment break the cricket match commenced.

We had an initial problem in that Dave wanted to use large stumps. After some persuasion and Micky taking he agreed to change them.


Dave with the extra high stumps.


First ball, first hit by Tim and Sensei Merv caught it!


Andy helping young Sean make a run.


At the Club demonstration the previous day at the Portchester Northern Junior school ,Sensei Roy tried his hand at the Coconut Shy. Unbelievable - (to many), Roy knocked off a coconut with his first throw. Cricket was not the same but early on in the match Roy took some bowling lessons from Tanvir and as a result bowled the next two batsmen out.

Launched in fine style.  


Traveling like a canon ball. Have the English Cricket Board spotted Roy's obvious talent?



Dave disputing the bowl whilst Roy says "come on Dave, its only a game" Tim on the right is looking towards Zerina for a final decision. Yes! Out! Sorry Dave, its a definite "Out"


Roy demonstrating his "all round" cricket ability. This was a six.


All too soon the finishing time of 4pm came round and for some it was time to go. Others carried on with "killer football" and other gentle summer afternoon games.

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