Visit by Sensei Malcolm Bradley 4th Dan

Sensei Malcolm Bradley 4th Dan from the Newport Karate club on the isle of Wight visited on Friday 12th November and taught the senior class Unsu Kata. This is an advanced kata but having recently taken their grading exams it was decided to include the Kyu grades in the lesson.

Before commencing the senior class Sensei Malcom was invited to talk to the juniors about their Karate training.

Sensei Malcolm in center.

Scott has written a few words about the visit.

“Stagger your lines. Yoi. Left foot, right foot…drop your weight, slide back, hands up like this….”
A warm welcome back to the straight-to-the-point direction from visiting Sensei Malcolm Bradley reminds us that doing karate makes better karate.

More than thirty Portchester KC karateka were awarded a first-class session of Gankaku (“Crane on a Rock”) last night presented by Sensei Malcolm Bradley visiting Sensei from the SEKU Newport, Isle of Wight club.

Sensei Malcolm demonstrating with some of the Dan grades

From 10th kyu to 4th Dan, everyone followed the crisp instruction of Sensei Bradley dotted with humour and self-efficacy that helped to relax our junior grade students, breaking the difficult kata-combinations into easier vignettes as well explaining the kata, using some inspiring bunkai for our Senior karateka.

All found this senior kata a serious challenge, with full 360degree turns to stop balanced on one leg to newly adopted techniques such as nidan tobi geri that kyu grades might never have sampled before. 

The test of course is how many were still discussing the kata over a sandwich at the Cormorant afterwards – it certainly seems that Gankaku has the thumbs up from Portchester KC and all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

A huge thank you to Sensei Bradley for visiting PKC and we look forward to receiving him again soon.



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