Holland students visit Portchester - October 2010

A flying “Dutch visit”

Since 2003 Sensei O’Donnell, as well as his Portchester Dojo, has run a karate club in Holland. During that time many groups from each club have visited and trained at the other dojo.
In Mid October it was the turn of Jack, Jeroen and Zeno to fly over from Holland for a visit.

Excited Zeno and Jeroen

Jack the seasoned traveler got stuck into a magazine

Wednesday 20th October. Despite major train problems in Holland the group covered the journey with surprising ease. Sensei O’Donnell tried to show the lads various historical sights and so Arundel Castle and Portchester Castle were the key points for the Wednesday.

A good start. Arundel Castle was closed.

Not to be beaten Portchester Castle was also closed.

The Wednesday senior session at Portchester was for the introduction of Unsu Kata to the Dutch lads. Sensei Faye 4th Dan covered this in fine style and by the end of the lesson the Dutch lads were able to perform the Kata with reasonable confidence.

Sensei Faye teaching Unsu kata


Wednesday evening trainers

Thursday 21st. This was the anniversary date of the “Battle of Trafalgar” and so a visit to HMS Victory at Portsmouth dockyard was a must. The Boat trip around the harbour was particularly enjoyable and the good weather with sunshine made it all the better.

Jack Jeroen and Zeno in front of HMS Victory

The evening was taken up with a visit to the cinema with some Portchester members.

Friday 22nd. A follow up visit to the Dockyard to see the Mary Rose and 3 hours on the various simulators in “action stations” filled the daytime. One of the attractions was an unarmed combat, response machine. Three columns, each divided into 3 parts (each with a signal light) had to be hit/kicked as the individual lights came on. All the while building up a score. Having got a higher score than the attendant could remember the Dutch lads comment was that this was an essential piece of equipment for every dojo.

Friday evening was getting to grips with Jiin Kata (again covered by Sensei Faye) and this was followed by a club curry at the Portchester “Clay Tandoori”

Friday evening trainers

Saturday 23rd.  After a late night, getting to the dojo at 9.15am was a bit of a culture shock for the Dutch lads. However with some good basic training they were soon up to working temperature. The final lesson, of their visit, was for the revision of Bassai Dai, Jion etc.

Simon being presented with a large jar of Marmite. Much to Sensei Faye's disgust.

Simon gained a certain sense of notoriety in Holland with his addiction to the black stuff.

Lunch and the afternoon were spent in Portsmouth’s “Gunwharf”. (Many thanks to the Benetta's for looking after the afternoon). Following a Chinese meal, the group went bowling, at which the individual scores seemed to tell a story as to how much each had eaten! The day was rounded off with DVD’s – of course Martial Art ones. More pictures are in the Gallery section

A major feature of these exchange visits (apart from the obvious karate training in a different country with students of a different nationality) is the experience of seeing the “real” local area of each club and being immersed in the different language and culture.
Sensei O’Donnell is now working on visit dates for next year and the first will be during the Easter holidays.

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