Sensei Pat takes to the air. July 2010

Sensei Pat 3rd Dan flys to Holland. 20th to 23rd June 2010.

As part of the ongoing development of closer ties between the club members of the sister Karate clubs Groen Hart in Holland and Portchester, here in Hampshire. Sensei Pat accompanied Sensei Merv on his regular flight to Holland for the weekly Monday and Tuesday sessions.

Sensei Pat about to board.


Sensei Pat in the Business class section


This was Sensei Pats first visit to Holland and so having arrived late on the Sunday evening it was important for Sensei Merv to give Pat a flavour of the "real Holland". Where better to start than a "Kaas winkel"


Pat was then taken to a lakeside restaurant for "uitsmijters", a typical Dutch meal. Of course being in Holland transport was naturally by "fietsen"

After lunch we met up with "Dutch" Maarten and son Luuk at a local lake. Maarten and his wife Hanneka have been close friends of the Portchester Club for many years.

Following a restfull lunch we proceeded with our tour of the area and next went to see one of the old "Molen"

Unfortunatly time was running out and we had to get back to prepare for the Monday evening session. There was one hold up though. Holland has a fantastic network of canals and in the summer the lock gates are in constant use for the multitude of boats touring the waterways.


Sensei Pat with his many years of experience in teaching karate was able to get the full effort of all the students and developed combinations that were both suitable and yet challenging for the various grades. Many of the Dutch parents were aware of Sensei Pat's important involvement in the start up of the Portchester club in the early 80's and were keen to come along and stay to watch the lesson.


Following the lesson some of the Dutch senior grades joined us for a meal.

The tour on the Tuesday followed the same pattern as Monday with a variety of typical Dutch sights been visited. The following pictures give an idea of the days visits.





After a busy day sightseeing it was time for Pat to get back into Karate mode and take the seniors for an advanced lesson concentrating on Kumite (sparring).


Jeroen, Jack, Sensei Pat and Zeno

All to soon it was time to return to England. The Dutch members having gained valuable experience with a long standing Karateka and Sensei Pat having gained an insight into the real meaning of "double dutch"



The final view of Holland.


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