Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament 2009

This was the 39th In the annual Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament and held at the renovated Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth it attracted some 200 competitors from as far as Cornwall in the united Kingdom and Holland. The atmosphere was excellent all the way through, from the 10.30 start until the Team Kumite finals at 7.30pm.
As usual there was an outstanding team effort by all the officials from a good range of clubs, and included a good number from the Portchester club.

Although due to illness only a comparitively small number of entries were made by the club we obtained good results. In fact, of the club entries only three did not gain an award and in fairness to them they were only able to enter at the last moment. Faye Cappleman (4th Dan and club senior instructor) was, due to her work commitments, not able to put the usual preparation in and yet achieved a creditable 2nd place in the Ladies senior Kata and a 3rd in the Ladies senior Kumite. Full results are:-

Ladies Kumite Black Belts
3rd Faye Cappleman (on right)



Junior Team Kata
4th Portchester (Owen)
(Team consisting of the three brothers Cam, Connor and Dylan)




Adult Team Kata
2nd Portchester
Team consisting of Gael Pawson, Lowri Green and Elliott Carrington)


Ladies Kata 3rd Kyu and Above
2nd Faye Cappleman

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