Karate at 81

Portchester Karate Club member Doug Quinton celebrated his 80th birthday last year, (2010) and to mark the occasion, the club organised a special training session and birthday meal on May 15th, 2010. Note this report is for Doug's 80th birthday. He is now 81 years young.


Doug recalls how he came to join the Portchester dojo: ‘It was our intention in 1992 to move to Portchester,’ he explains. ‘With this in mind we moved our oldest daughter Kelly to Castle Primary School. She then enrolled into the dojo and after three weeks I also joined. Despite being older by far than the other members I found everyone most welcoming. What really impressed me was that there was a great sense of camaraderie from the lowest to the highest grade. Fortunately, as I quickly learnt, I had joined a club which did not tolerate any form of  prejudice and saw club harmony, but with good hard work, as the fundamental foundation.

After steady progress I reached first Dan, after which I had a gap of about five years before returning with our youngest daughter Hannah, working steadily to reach second Dan in 2008.’
With respect to his age, Doug says firmly ‘Age should not be a reason not to train.’

Doug (3rd in from left)

Sensei Merv said that Doug is an inspiration to all in the club and has the full respect of his fellow students and instructors alike. Doug, never one to take it easy in his own training, always encourages and helps others to overcome the inevitable hurdles in their personal training and understanding of Karate.

The Saturday class

In recognition of Doug's outstanding personal attitude to life,his encouragement to all and his refusal to take it easy because of "calendar age" the dojo members presented Doug with a special certificate of Honourary club membership (with full training rights) and a special framed picture of Doug with all the club members. In the evening Doug and his wife Yvonne with their two daughters Hannah and Kelly (with Partners) were guests of honour at a club dinner at the "Cormorant" in Castle St, Portchester. 

More pictures of the training and the evening meal for Doug are in the Gallery section.

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