Legend Open Championships at Bracknell

March 13, 2010

Gael, Elliott, Lowri, Sensei's Pat and Merv and Megan

It all started in a Tesco car park! I met Sensei Merv bright and early, and was joined by Lowri  and Megan in the ‘girls’ car’, while Sensei Merv, our team coach Sensei Pat and Elliott  made up the trio in the ‘boys’ car’. They must have weighed slightly more than us as their car seemed to go more slowly!
We got to Bracknell Leisure Centre with plenty of time to spare, although I soon discovered I was going to be first up in the individual kata (ladies individual kata 10th- 4th kyu). No matter how much I tried to calm myself, I was shaking by the time I was called up – silly really as my whole reason for doing the event was to improve my karate. I got through to the final okay, but then was so nervous I didn’t do so well, but still managed to scrape third place… could do better! Ah well, we still had our ladies’ team kata to go.
Next up was Elliott. He did a great job of his kata, but it was the kumite where he really starred. Although he didn’t come away with a trophy, against tough competition he did very well and narrowly missed out on victory when he got knocked out.

Elliott half way through Heian Sandan

Lowri and Megan followed in the ladies’ kata (3rd kyu and above) – both put in great performances on the mats. I watched in awe, realising that next year I would be competing in their section – the standard was very high.
Right we all thought – just our team kata to go… every so often we heard a rumour that we’d be on next and our coach, Sensei Pat kept us focussed and pushed us hard, while Sensei Merv ensured the coffee and cake consumption was up to standard. (Dojo censorship has resulted in the picture of Sensei Merv checking on the coffee and cakes being deleted)!

Sensei Pat telling the Ladies to stay focussed for the Team Kata

Finally, about 1930hrs we got to do our team kata. We gave it our all, not wanting to disappoint Sensei Merv and Sensei Pat. We did our best and Sensei Pat was happy with our performance, although it wasn’t enough to take the top prize – that went to a team of black belts who put in an outstanding performance.

Megan, Gael and Lowri - 2nd in the Ladies Team Kata

Despite the late finish it was a fabulous day, competitions are definitely a challenge and helping to improve my karate. Many thanks to everyone who went, especially to Sensei Pat for providing moral and practical support, and Sensei Merv for his unerring belief in us, not to mention Elliott, Megan and Lowri who I found a real support and inspiration. It made me proud to be a part of a club that has such a strong team spirit.
(More pictures will follow in the Gallery section)
Gael Pawson

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