SKCE Championships, Sunday 15th October 2017

Sunday 15th october 2017.

With the SKCE Championships in London, being on the following weekend of the SKDUN World Championships in Hungary, many of those keen on competitons were not able to attend due to outstanding family and work commitments. None the less we sent a group of twelve to support the Championships.

Portchester results are listed at the bottom.











As last year it was an excellent Championships and true to form the SKCE members welcomed us in a friendly and inclusive manner.

Thank you to SKCE for the invitation and we look forward to joining you next year.



































Portchester Team on the left














The following are the Portchester club medal winners at the SKCE National Championships held on Sunday 15th October 2017 at the Willesden Sports Centre.

KUMITE BOYS JUNIOR 12yrs & under 7th to 4th  Kyu
2nd    Yusuf Khan                 
KUMITE MALE CADETS 13-14yrs   Shodan & above
2nd    Shahryar Khan              

KUMITE FEMALE CADETS 14-17yrs   3rd Kyu & Dan grades
1st    Victoria Vivona            

KUMITE MALE SENIOR 19 yrs +   Kyu grades
2nd    Nathan McGillvray          

KUMITE FEMALE VETERAN   Shodan & above   
3rd    Zerina Shafi                     

KATA MALE CADETS 13-18yrs   up to Shodan
1st    Villius Sukys                 
2nd   Shahryar Khan                

KATA MALE SENIOR 19 yrs +   Kyu grades
3rd    Nathan McGillvray           

KATA MALE VETERAN   Shodan & above
3rd    Ugnius Sukys                   

KATA FEMALE VETERAN   Shodan & above
2nd   Zerina Shaffi                      
3rd    Sue O’Donnell                    

1st    Family Sukys                   

KATA MIXED TEAM 16 to 18 YRS 3rd Kyu & Dan grades
2nd    Portchester

KATA SENIOR TEAM 3rd Kyu & Dan grades
1st    Portchester

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Wednesday 24th April.

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These classes are for a range of people with varying abilities and in particular for the older and fairly active person that would like to benefit from the health aspects of practicing Karate and at the same time exercising their minds in the learning of new skills.

Existing students of Karate are also catered for in the lessons. In particular those on shift work and others that cannot get to their regular training lessons.

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