Brown Belt-Kata Focus Class - Sunday 16th November 2014

With the growing numbers of Brown Belts in the club it was recently decided to commence holding special Kata classes for the Brown Belts in particular. 4th Kyu's and Dan grades could attend, but the emphassis in teaching and Bunkai practice (kata applications) was primarily for the Brown Belts.

This is an "extra" session and would cover Kata outside of the grading syllabus work. Although Kyu gradings can take place every three months ( with the student having completed sufficent sessions), it is the Portchester Club policy to usually have a minimum of four month intervals. Taking into account todays working and family commitment difficulties in attending two lessons a week This allows the majority of students to attend enough sessions to have aquired the necessary understanding and experience to satisfy the grading requirements.

Most of the Class members.












As the first of the Brown Belt Kata Focus classes, Sensei O'Donnell chose to teach Nijushiho Kata. This was chosen as it is not to lengthy a kata and facilitated the practice of Sanchin Dach stance.

Side thrust kick with a self defence application.














Class members covering the full age range.















Wednesday 24th April 2019

Wednesday 24th April.

All lessons are now back to normal.

Please contact 07713284430 or email  for further information if required.


Karate Day time lessons

Daytime Karate lessons are now being held on Thursday mornings at the Castle St, Portchester,  Day Centre. For further information please ring 07713284430 or email

These classes are for a range of people with varying abilities and in particular for the older and fairly active person that would like to benefit from the health aspects of practicing Karate and at the same time exercising their minds in the learning of new skills.

Existing students of Karate are also catered for in the lessons. In particular those on shift work and others that cannot get to their regular training lessons.

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For the Portchester Karate Club and clubs in other areas or different training times, please email or telephone 07713284430.

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