Sensei Dewey 8th Dan, visits Portchester Club. 30th May 2012

The 6.30 - 7.30 session is a special class in that it is for parents of younger children training in a separate hall, older children and adult beginners. With the visit being between gradings Sensei Dewey was able to develop a class content without the students having to worry about a following grading. The overall result being that the students were able to relax and really enjoy the lesson rather than being pre occupied with the grading. Needless to say although SEKU has a very strong "Traditional"  Karate base, Sensei Dewey had no difficulties getting the class students (mainly red/yellow belts) looking and thinking about their techniques from a different perspective.

From the conversations at the end of the lesson the class thoroughly enjoyed the variations that Sensei introduced.


First Class members.


The second class 8.00 - 9.15, is the advanced class for Black and Brown belts and following the recent SEKU Instructors Class, in which Tekki Sandan was taught, Sensei O'Donnell had asked Sensei Dewey to cover the same Kata. With plenty of combination repetitions the class were moved through the Kata with plenty of Bunkai to clarify the various interpretations.



Sensei Dewey and Sensei Merv - Ninty years of Karate between them.



Class members



Sensey Dewey leading from the front.



Sensei demonstrating some of the Bunkai.



More Bunkai.



Escaping from a wrist lock.


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