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Who’s who at Portchester

Instructors at Portchester

Sensei Merv O’Donnell 8th Dan

Sensei Merv was one of the fortunate people to benefit from direct instruction from the earliest of Japanese Senseis to come to England, such as Sensei's Kanazawa, Enoeda, Asano, Ochi, Sumi,Takahashi and Tomita. Following a number of years teaching at the original Portsmouth Karate Club and a range of clubs in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area, Sensei Merv started the Portchester Club in 1982. From April 1982 until early 2016 Sensei Merv was the Secretary and a Senior grading examiner for the Shotokan of England Karate Union. Read More

The following are the main Instructors at the Portchester Karate Club. Other members help with the Instruction and their abilities to help others is much appreciated.

Faye Cappleman 5th Dan Pat O’Sullivan 5th Dan Craig Ford 4th Dan

Sensei Faye started training in 1985 and teaches all sections of the club. Read more 

Sensei Pat was the co-founder of the club in 1982 and assists with instruction of the club’s senior section. Read more

Sensei Craig is one of the clubs senior instructors and assists with instruction of the club's senior section. He also runs the Crookhorn club.

Adrian Lewis 4th Dan
 Dave Cox 2nd Dan

Sensei Adrian commenced his training in 1992 and attained his 1st Dan in 1996. With continued study he then attained his 3rd Dan in 2006 with Hanshi Asano SKIF. 4th Dan was then attained in 2016 with Rengokai karate. Sensei Adrian is a regular instructor and teaches all sections of the club.
Sensei Dave is a regular instructor with the junior section and the "parents class". He is also very active in organising and leading some of the club’s social activities. Read more




On-Line Club Lessons

No Changes implemented
^^Monday 6th July.^^

***Please do not reply to any zoom invitations or cancellations. Just join in with the lessons as advertised below!***
Planned weekly lessons for the duration.

In choosing the lessons to attend  please remember that at the dojo we split into grade groups. We obviously cant do this Online. Hence try to choose the lessons appropriate to your grade. eg white, orange and red belts need single basic techniques, whilst yellow to 4th Kyu need basic combinations and the brown and black belts need advanced work. If in doubt please contact me by telephone.


Any club members that do not know how to gain access please contact me by tele or email.

It is hoped that each lesson will be recorded and put on the club's Youtube channell. 

Please check back to this page frequently for any changes to the lesson programme and also other information.

Younger Children (In particular White, Orange and Red belts)
Sign in from 18.20 for 18.30 start. End 19.00.
Adults and older children (in particular, Yellow and above)
Sign in from 19.05 for 19.10 start. End 20.15.

Younger Children (In particular, White, Orange and Red)
Sign in from 18.20 for 18.30 start. End 19.00.
Adults and older children (10th to 4th Kyu inc)
sign in from 19.05 for 19.10 start. End 20.00.
Adults (3rd Kyu and above)
sign in from 20.05 for 20.10 start. End 21.15.

Thursday morning: "Dads Army"
Guests welcome.
Sign in from 10.00 for a 10.10 start. End 11.10.

Children (white, orange and red belts).
sign in from 18.20 for 18.30 start. End 19.00
Children and adults (7th to 4th Kyu).
sign in from 19.05 for 19.10 start. End 20.00.
Adults and older children
(Lesson intended for 3rd Kyu and above)

sign in 20.05 for 20.10 start. End 21.15.

Saturday (General class, but not suitable for younger children)
sign in 10.00 for 10.10 start. End 11.10




Instructional videos for the forced temporary closure

All Portchester and ESKC-Fair Oak, Karate Club Members.

I have tried to contact all members regarding the setting up of on line instructional videos on "youtube". If you have not received an email telling you how to access the first "test" video, then please contact me by email: mvodonnell@portchesterkarate.co.uk.
To provide continuity and easy understanding the club instructors have made these videos.

Temporary Club Closure

The Portchester Karate Club is temporarily closed. At the moment this is for a four week period. This may be extended.

For further information please email:  mvodonnell@Portchesterkarate.co.uk

Further information

For the Portchester Karate Club and clubs in other areas or different training times, please email modonnell@portchesterkarate.co.uk or telephone 07713284430.

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