Sensei Namiki 9th Dan Memorial course. Sunday 22nd October 2017

Sensei Namiki 9th Dan and Chairman of the Shotokan Karate Do - United Nations (SKDUN) International grading panel, that assessed Sensei Merv O'Donnell for his 8th Dan in 2016, was due to visit England and be the Chief Instructor for an Open SKDUN Karate course on Sunday 22nd October 2017. Senseis Colin Putt and Merv O'Donnell to be the course assistant Instructors.

Unfortunatly Sensei Namiki tragically passed away just shortly before he was due to come to England.

Senseis Colin and Merv, with others, decided that it would be appropriate to continue with the course, although now a commemorative one and Senseis Colin and Merv now being the instructors.

Seated left to right are:

Senseis Merv O'Donnell, Gerry Gray, Gerry Breeze and Colin Putt










Sensei Namiki lived in the USA and it was decided to send all the proceeds to the family. This has built up to £1550.


Sensei Lacho Nenov, Chief Instructor of IJKA Bulgaria - Teaching at Portchester Karate Club.

Sensei Latchezar Nenov 6th Dan and Chief Instructor of IJKA Bulgaria will be teaching at the club as follows.

Visitors are welcome, but please contact me first. on

Wednesday evening, 24th July. Castle Primary school, Castle St, Portchester.

18.45 to 19.50. Junior grades.

20.00 to 21.20. Senior grades.

Thursday morning, 25th July. Community school, White Hart Lane, Portchester.

10.15 to 11.30am. This is the regular Thursday morning lesson, relocated to the Community school.

Friday evening, 26th July. Community school, White Hart Lane, Portchester.

18.50 to 19.50. Older childrens class.

20.00 to 21.20. Senior grades.

Saturday afternoon, 27th July. Rengokai Summer course. Community school, White Hart Lane, Portchester.

Arrive and Register 12.00 to 12.20.

Lessons between 12.30 and 15.30. Special additional class for Black and Brown belts. 15.45 to 17.00.

Sunday morning, 28th July. Rengokai Summer course. Community school, White Hart Lane, Portchester.   

Arrive and Register 09.00 to 09.20.

Lessons between 09.30 and 13.00.

Karate Day time lessons

Daytime Karate lessons are now being held on Thursday mornings at the Castle St, Portchester,  Day Centre. For further information please ring 07713284430 or email

These classes are for a range of people with varying abilities and in particular for the older and fairly active person that would like to benefit from the health aspects of practicing Karate and at the same time exercising their minds in the learning of new skills.

Existing students of Karate are also catered for in the lessons. In particular those on shift work and others that cannot get to their regular training lessons.

Further information

For the Portchester Karate Club and clubs in other areas or different training times, please email or telephone 07713284430.

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